What You Need to Know About Journalism – Monica Dziak

“Bob Schieffer comes to visit your classes often, and if you take Newscast, he could possibly give you anchoring tips. You’ll be learning from the best of the best when he stops by for a class visit-which has happened in three of my classes!”

“A majority of your assignments that actually count and make up a large part of your grade will be done outside the classroom. If you don’t like test taking, you’re in luck because there’s not a great deal of them in journalism courses. Be prepared to walk across campus with a huge camera and a tripod.”

“You will be very close with your professors, closer than you thought you would with a college professor! That’s what’s great about this major because most other majors are not like this. We call some of our teachers by their first names and even text them if we have questions or need help with something. They’re always super available to the students and care about us. There’s just a really good level of respect between the student-teacher relations.”

~ Monica Dziak