The Class of 2019: An Anchor in the Making

Name: Lauren Crawford
Major: News and Media Studies
Hometown: Keller, Texas

Lauren Crawford is a Texas girl, born and raised. She majored in news and media studies with a minor in business. Crawford knew early in life that she had a passion for news, community and politics. She remembers looking forward to watching the nightly news with her parents.

“The idea of having a job where no day is the same while having the opportunity to tell peoples’ stories and bring attention to important issues was always so appealing to me,” Crawford said. “That is why I chose to go to Texas Christian University. And I knew the Bob Schieffer College of Communication was the choice for me.”

Crawford said that every class she took in news and media studies was incredibly beneficial and the class that best prepared her for starting her career is Newscast. Her teacher, Patty Zamarripa, had previously worked as a producer in the industry and consistently used her real-life experiences to teach the class.

“I put together my own packages and material for our weekly news show and had the opportunity to be an anchor too.” Crawford said. “The class felt like being in a real newsroom. I was being prepared for starting my career.”

When she wasn’t working towards her dream job of being a host on Fox & Friends, Crawford enjoyed staying healthy and hanging out with her friends. From spin classes to dinner with friends, Crawford made sure to make some “me-time” for herself. In particular, she loved treating herself to her favorite restaurants in Fort Worth — Press Cafe, Pacific Table and HG Sply Co.

“I have some of the best memories of college coming to these three places with my friends,” Crawford said. “Fort Worth has really embraced the trendy food culture and my taste buds couldn’t be more thankful.”

Lauren’s advice to first-year TCU students is to network with as many people as they can in order to make meaningful connections that will help them tremendously in the future.

When asked what she would tell someone who is chasing after their dream, Crawford responded with a smile, “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”