The Class of 2019: Alexis Guerrero

Alexis Guerrero is a double major in sports broadcasting and journalism. She chose this major because she wanted to gain transferable skills through hands-on experience and reach her short-term goal of becoming a sports reporter. According to Guerrero, journalism goes hand in hand with the sports broadcasting major but provides more on-camera experience rather than studying the production of sports.

Guerrero chose the Bob Schieffer College of Communication because she was attracted to the many opportunities and routes available for students studying communication. “My classmates wanted to be news reporters, political reporters, sports reporters, news anchors or work in print or behind the scenes,” she said. “Being able to work with different types of journalists was incredibly beneficial for students who are just starting to dip their toe into journalism.”

Her favorite breakfast was either the monkey bowl or avocado toast from TCU alumni owned Rollin’ n Bowlin’. She also liked the variety of sweet and savory bagels from Einstein’s Bagels, but the egg sandwich was her favorite. The croissant breakfast sandwich at McKinley’s Bakery was also at the top of her list.

Guerrero could almost always be found in the student-run newsroom located on the second floor of Moudy South. “The newsroom was my second home. I could bounce ideas off other reporters that hung out in the newsroom,” she said. “But my favorite time to study on the second floor was in the evening when it was quiet.”

Guerrero’s favorite hands-on experience was in her Multimedia Reporting class where she worked with TCU track athlete, Derrick Mokaleng. This gave her the opportunity to report and produce her own work. She enjoyed her Newscast and Sportscast classes the most. “I am a visual and hands-on learner so being able to put a newscast together really opened my eyes to how much work it really takes to put a show together,” she said. “I love that journalism is an engaging field and each day is different and new.”