Meet Olivia Moody, Class of 2020

Name: Olivia Moody
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Denver, Colorado  

Olivia Moody has always had a passion for the news. She chose to major in journalism because of her love for writing and reading.   

“I picked TCU because of the communication program. Plus, I fell in love with the campus and how much it felt like home,” she said. 

Moody writes a personal blog in her free time. In this blog she writes about anything from messages of empowerment to sharing personal stories to help other. “I have always been a talker and I love meeting and socializing with people,” she said. “Journalism allows me to incorporate both of those skills in a work environment.” 

As a journalism major, Moody learned about how to report accurate and interesting news. She said she loved how small TCU’s campus was and that the size allowed her to have a personal relationship with many of her professors. With classes on reporting, media editing, writing, and law and ethics, the Bob Schieffer College of Communication equipped her with essential skills she will carry with her for the rest of her life.   

As was the host of “The 817, a video series from TCU Athletics, Moody is a familiar face and name around campus. Through her journalistic work with “The 817, she has had the opportunity to interview many of TCU’s athletes and coaches. Her dream is to be a reporter one day and she has been racking up the experience here on campus. “I want to be a sports reporter and interview players about what makes them special outside of their sport,” she said. 

After graduation, Moody plans on heading back to her home in Denver, Colorado, to pursue anchoring jobs.  

Moody has danced for most of her life and did not stop when she came to college. She was involved with the TCU Showgirls organization. Through Showgirls, she gets the chance to cheer on her Horned Frogs at almost every sporting event that she isn’t reporting on. There is no doubt that she radiates school spirit and is an all-encompassing representative of TCU.  

In her free time, Moody enjoys playing with her dog, Harlee Jo. The pair likes to go on long walks around campus and even around the stadium.  

In another life, Moody said she would be an education major because she loves working with children and she is influenced by her mom who is a teacher. 

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