Makenna Wallace Tells Her Story

Name: Makenna Wallace 
Major: News and Media Studies
Class: Senior 
Hometown: Carmel, California 

Makenna Wallace chose Texas Christian University due to its big school feel, yet small school atmosphere. She immediately fell in love with TCU’s community, and also found the Texas mindset incredibly alluring. Wallace was also aware that TCU had a large number of options in regard to majors, and since she was originally planning to begin college without a major in mind, that was a reassuring factor in the decision. She was also completely charmed by the city of Fort Worth. I had never experienced anything quite comparable so I felt as if I should relocate myself somewhere different for my college years, she said. 

 When deciding on her major, Wallace was looking for something that was broader; a major that would teach a variety of skills that would aid in future endeavors. Journalism allowed me to develop skills that I will use endlessly in whatever career path I choose to take,” she said. I also found the investigative aspects of journalism very captivating, as well as the immense history that is behind the profession itself. 

Wallace’s favorite journalism class was The Historical Development of Mass Media with Dr. John Tisdale. One thing she loved about this class was learning the history of journalism through novels rather than a textbook. “I loved Dr. Tisdale and the lighthearted mood he created within the classroom,” she said. “All students were free to join in on lectures, and Dr. Tisdale continually kept you attentive with his delightful attitude. 

Organization is Wallace’s best quality. She takes great satisfaction in getting things done, especially when the final goal is of great significance. I love taking charge and allowing others to destress since I have great confidence in my abilities to complete tasks,” she said. I believe my peers would agree with me since this quality of mine is something that I have been able to use within the classroom repeatedly. 

Wallace’s favorite thing to do is to spend time with family. She shares a four-year age difference with her siblings and loves catching up with both of them. She also loves spending time with her parents, especially during the holidays when the whole family is able to reunite. Wallace attended boarding school, so she has not been able to spend much time with her family and whenever she gets the chance, she takes it.

The most valuable internship experience Wallace had was the design and marketing internship for Trinity Works. Trinity Works is a Fort Worthbased real estate development company and somewhere she never thought she would work. Real estate was an industry Wallace had never been involved in beforehand, so she was rather intimidated when she first started. However, this opportunity taught her how to learn on the go and gave a preview of what a true 9to5 job would resemble. 

In five years, Wallace sees herself continuing to work her way up within the marketing or digital media business worlds. If not, she can also picture herself being occupied by an event planning position or something else that is a little more independent. As of now she has no direct or clear path, but she does feel as though her choice to major in journalism has prepared her to succeed. 

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