Livia Lavender: Rancher, Writer, Dancer, but foremost a Horned Frog

Class of 2020

Majors: Journalism; Ranch Management

Originally from Houston, Livia Lavender is pursuing a double major in Journalism and Ranch Management at Texas Christian University. She is also an honors student in the John V. Roach Honors College. Alongside her academic affiliation with the Bob Schieffer College of Communication and College of Science and Engineering, Lavender is a member of Greek life, a TCU Showgirl and a faithful member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Before coming to TCU, Lavender grew up on a cow/calf operation, which she admits surprises a lot of people given her “girly personality.” Lavender says she often jokes with friends that she owns more cowboy boots and hats than most of campus combined.

Lavender initially came to TCU to study ballet but decided early in her first semester that she would prefer to keep dance as a passion rather than a career post-graduation. This realization led her to the Bob Schieffer College of Communication where she adopted her Journalism major. She was always interested in journalism because of her love of reading and writing. For Lavender, a major in journalism allowed for the creativity, investigation and passion of writing without the more formal structure of other majors.

She chose to major in Journalism not because she was interested in broadcast news or print media, a common misconception, but because she saw journalism as a window to hone her editing, reading, researching and writing skills. The skills she has gleaned from her coursework have been paramount to making her feel prepared for her next step — law school.

“The best thing about the journalism program at TCU is that it’s not really a “two plus two equals four program.” The program is exactly what you make it,” Lavender said.  “You have a choice. Take it to the next level and make it tailored for you.”

For Lavender, one of the best aspects of being a journalism major and a student of the College of Communication is that despite the fact her peers share a major, they all have unique, individual aspirations.

In Lavender’s case, her aspiration is being a storyteller. Her favorite aspect of journalism is the career’s ability not to fabricate a story, but to encourage the “characters” to share their own experiences. A journalist can create and maintain a relationship with “characters” given they aren’t fictional but real people living their everyday lives. Journalists can write about their passion points and meet people in real time who share those passions.

When she’s not on the ranch or interviewing, Lavender loves to study in Moudy South—the building that houses the College of Communication—in the first-floor lobby. She loves this spot because students ebb and flow to study together. They can leave and come at their own pace in an environment that is both productive and social. For Lavender, TCU is such a special atmosphere—everyone has drive, ambition and goals, but above all they are Horned Frogs first. “We bleed purple, and I say we with a capital W because every TCU student is so proud and has so much love for our little campus,” she said.

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