Class of 2022: How to Make Sports a Career

Name: Braden Roux
Major: Journalism 
Hometown: Waxahachie, Texas  

From the age of 8, Braden Roux grew up around the contagious game day spirit of Texas Christian University football. When it came to college, his decision was a no-brainer. But what was it about journalism that appealed so much to this high school athlete? 

Roux made the most out of his high school experience by immersing himself in the things he loved. In fact, he played baseball and basketball through all four years of high school. Sports has been, and continues to be, a huge part of his life. 

But sports wasn’t all Roux did. With the encouragement of a teacher in Waxahachie High School’s journalism department, he decided to take a journalism class. “My high school friend’s mom taught many classes in the journalism department,” he said. “When she found out I wasn’t taking any, I had to sign up.”  

Roux had always been a strong writer with a love for storytelling. As senior student body president, fostering authentic connections came naturally to him. Inevitably, he fell in love with journalism and before he knew it, he was writing for his town’s local newspaper. 

Being a journalism major in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication has been a great experience for Roux. When asked about the most valuable aspects of the journalism major, he said, “They do a good job of preparing students for what a real newsroom or job setting would be like. In the best way possible, it’s chaotic, and something is always moving.” He admires that most of his professors have personal experience in a multitude of markets appealing to the diverse career aspirations of the student body.  

One of Roux’s most memorable experiences was covering Big 12 Media Day, where he interviewed coaches and key players from the Big 12 Conference. He was able to do this because of his involvement in TCU 360, Schieffer College’s student-run news site. 

Roux’s career goal is to work at the front office of a major sports team in player relations. 

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