Class of 2020: Robbie Vaglio

Name: Robbie Vaglio
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina 

When he wasn’t in class, you would often find journalism major Robbie Vaglio in the student newsroom brainstorming ideas for his latest story. As the executive editor for TCU 360, the student-run news site, Vaglio strategized coverage plans for different events and beats and edited stories to post on the website. Vaglio decided to major in journalism in high school when his teacher told him that he was a great writer. After discovering that he could pursue a job writing about sports, he knew a journalism path was right for him.  

Vaglio chose to attend Texas Christian University because he would get the opportunity to work on student media from his first day on campus. He also wanted to go to a school where the professors would know his name and care about his academic success. One professor who played an important role in Vaglio’s college career at TCU was Jean Marie Brown. “Professor Brown taught me the skills to succeed in a professional newsroom,” he said.   

One of Vaglio’s favorite journalism courses he took was Reporting with Professor Brown. Vaglio said it taught him proper interviewing skills, how to frame stories, how to think of questions to ask and to be a critical thinker. He said that the course showed him how much he loved storytelling and it introduced him to different perspectives when working on stories.  

Vaglio’s advice for incoming journalism students is to get involved in student media. “It will only help your reporting skills develop at a faster rate because you are learning how to write print very early on in your college career, he said. “I got involved as a first year when I wanted to learn how to cover sports. After attending an interest meeting, I was assigned to cover the men’s and women’s tennis beat and worked my way up from there. 

Vaglio’s favorite part of being on TCU 360 was learning the different perspectives people have to offer when interviewing them for a story. 

When not on campus, Vaglio loved to eat at Doc B’s Restaurant + Bar in Clearfork or Panera. “I’m a sucker for Panera’s grilled cheese and the apple salad, he said. 

Vaglio wants to be a reporter for a newspaper either in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex or in his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. He hopes to focus on sports reporting for print and digital media 

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