Minor in Journalism

The Department of Journalism welcomes minors in journalism who are committed to significant journalism instruction while they specialize in majors that educate them in broad subject areas that may relate to news coverage.

The journalism minor is a complement to many majors and prepares students to apply journalistic skills to many fields, or produce journalism with an intense focus in another area. Minors will take several skills courses that provide them with experiential learning opportunities and can expect to create a significant body of work as part of the journalism minor.

Students should recognize that it takes a minimum of four semesters to complete the journalism minor due to course prerequisites. Journalism minors are encouraged to complete their core journalism courses in their first year, especially those foundational courses which should be taken in the first semester i.e. JOUR 10113 (Media Writing and Editing) and JOUR 10203 (Introduction to Journalism).

Students are strongly encouraged to become active in TCU student media.


Minors must take 22 hours in journalism, including:

JOUR 10113 Media Writing and Editing 3 hours
JOUR 10203 Introduction to Journalism 3 hours
JOUR 10303 Introduction to Visual Journalism 3 hours
JOUR 20003 Diversity and the Media 3 hours
JOUR 30204 Reporting 4 hours
JOUR 40523 Law and Ethics of Mass Communication 3 hours


And one upper-level reporting course from this list:

JOUR 30303 News Production 3 hours
JOUR 40453 Business Journalism 3 hours
JOUR 40463 Public Affairs Reporting 3 hours
JOUR 40473 Specialized Reporting 3 hours
JOUR 40483 Sports Journalism 3 hours
JOUR 40493 Opinion and Commentary 3 hours
JOUR 40643 Long-form Journalism 3 hours


*Minors must have at least one specialized reporting course and be enrolled in JOUR 30204 before enrolling in any elective journalism course.

For additional information about the journalism minor at TCU, including a list of classes and other requirements, see the university catalog entry about the program.