What Should I Take? – Jocelyn Sitton

Junior from Nashville, Tennessee

What is your favorite class that you’ve taken in your major?

“History and Development of Mass Media with Dr. Tisdale. The class went into the history of journalism and all its different phases and I thought it was interesting to see how it progressed over the course of American history. I really enjoyed learning about journalism within the Civil Rights movement because it was such an important time for our country.”

What is one class that everyone in your major should take before they graduate?

“Law and Ethics with Dr. Stewart because you learn how to navigate issues like freedom of speech and libel as it relates to journalism. This is so important because, as journalists, we must make ethical and responsible decisions when we write and report.”

What class changed your perception on Journalism?

“Reporting with Jean Brown because this was the first class I took within my major that gave me a glimpse of the actual work required when reporting stories. It gave me real-world experience and made me refine my interpersonal communication skills when interviewing people.”