TCU International Students Discuss the 2016 Election

Last night the Department of Journalism partnered with TCU International Student Services to sponsor a public panel entitled “Looking from Outside: TCU International Students’ Insights on the 2016 Race for the U.S. White House.”

A group of international students discussed their views of the 2016 presidential election, including some advice on what American citizens should consider while deciding their vote. The event was moderated by the Bob Schieffer College of Communication Dean, Dr. Kris Bunton.

The seven  students are grateful and excited to study in the United States.  They are also concerned that U.S. citizens don’t fully acknowledge the importance of voting in a U.S. presidential election.  The privilege to vote is too often taken for granted.

Yannick said his home country of Rwanda depends on foreign aid for 40 percent of its budget.  What seems like a slight change in U.S. contributions to foreign aid could mean one less desperately needed hospital is built.  Ari pleaded for U.S. citizens to remember that the facts and statistics voters may consider abstract actually represent the lives of people all around the world who depend on the United States but have no say in its election.  The other students added their advice that voters should read and consult multiple sources of information and study a variety of global issues.

You can watch the FaceBook live video at this link:

Right to left: Yannick Tona (Rwanda), Ari Soto (Venezuela), Ohimai Ojeikere (Nigeria), Dr. Kris Bunton, Clemence Paiement (Canada and Haiti), Phat Do (Vietnam), Samira Jubis (El Salvador), and Wilson Silva (Brazil)