Pulitzer Center and Journalism Department – Annual Symposium

In October 2016 the Department of Journalism announced a partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. March 23, 2017, the first annual symposium was held with TCU Journalism faculty, Pulitzer Center journalists, and guests.

The morning session consisted of Dr. Daxton Stewart and Jon Sawyer speaking to journalism students. Mr. Sawyer discussed the demands of journalism in a rapidly changing environment, while Dr. Stewart alerted students to the need for journalists to defend themselves and fellow journalists.

After lunching with students and a tour of campus, the afternoon session began. Michael Scott Moore, who was captured by Somali pirates for 977 days, relayed his experiences. Dr. Amiso George, Associate Professor in the Strategic Communication Department, spoke of her trips to interview girls who were held captive by Boko Haram in Nigeria, “No one listens to them.”  Journalist Ethan Casey discussed safety while quoting a friend, “if you’re dead you cannot report the story.” Finally, Kem Sawyer, of the Pulitzer Center and an author of books for young readers, announced the TCU student fellow Kelsey Emery. Kelsey, a junior majoring in journalism with a minor in general business, reported on rhino poaching in South Africa and the related conservation activities of TCU faculty and staff.