Class of 2020: Renee Umsted

A photo of Renee Umsted, TCU Class of 2020.Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

My degree: B.A. in journalism

My favorite class or professor in the Schieffer College: Dr. John Tisdale and Jean Marie Brown instilled in me a passion for solid, ethical journalism. They taught me how to think, how to ask good questions, how to write and how to rewrite. They gave me guidance, support and opportunities. And they helped me get involved in Student Media, where I met like-minded students.

What I’m doing post-graduation: I’m about to leave TCU and do what I can to tell accurate and important stories and promote civil dialogue.

What I’ll miss most about TCU: To Jean, Dr. Tisdale and my good friends at TCU 360: I can’t thank you enough, and I miss you already.