Career Ready: TCU Class of 2021 Already Making an Impact

Another graduating class of Horned Frogs is ready to change the world for the greater good. Finishing strong amid a pandemic, members of the class of 2021 have proved their resilience and grit, skills valued by potential employers. The TCU Center for Career & Professional Development shines the spotlight on a sampling of TCU’s amazing spring class of 2021, who share about their time on campus and what’s next for their careers.

“We have seen significant changes from the traditional recruiting processes and hiring timelines this year,” said Mike Caldwell, executive director of the TCU Center for Career & Professional Development. “Throughout this process, TCU students and grads have adapted quickly and effectively, successfully demonstrating their career readiness skills.”

From the Bob Schieffer College of Communication:

A photo of TCU student Zuzi Oseguera, Class of 2021.

Azuzena “Zuzi” Oseguera
Hometown: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Major: B.S. in news and media studies, minor in psychology
Job after graduation: The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, Dallas

What brought you to TCU?
AO: I’ve lived in Texas since I was 7 so I knew I wanted to attend college here. My parents live in Dallas, and when I visited TCU, I knew this was perfect — to live close enough to them but also have some room to grow and become more independent away from home.

What have you enjoyed most about being a Horned Frog?
AO: The small school feel but big school athletic program. It’s the best of both worlds to recognize people as you walk through campus every day but also be a part of Division 1 sports.

What are your plans after graduation?
AO: I plan to move back to Dallas where my immediate family lives and continue to work for The Dallas Entrepreneur Center in the marketing and communications department. After working for a couple of years, I plan to go back to school and obtain my master’s degree in public relations!

How did TCU help prepare you for your future career?
AO: TCU really allowed me to plan ahead and see what I wanted my future to look like. When COVID-19 hit, I was doing my semester abroad and coming back, TCU helped us ease back into the new normal. My professors were so great at giving us advice about what the real world would be like once we got out there.

Was there any particular experience that was especially helpful?
AO: My remote internship with The DEC Network the past two semesters has allowed me to apply my knowledge of communication studies outside of the academic world. It has helped me really find my niche and what I want to do once I leave campus.

What makes TCU so special to you?
AO: The feeling I had of belonging the moment I stepped into the Commons during my Monday at TCU experience five years ago. I knew I needed to attend this university and ever since, I’ve had that exact same feeling every time I’ve walked through the Commons.

Anything else to add?
AO: I love TCU and Fort Worth. I encourage everyone to appreciate every opportunity this place has to offer. These four years really do go by as fast as everyone says they do — enjoy it!

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