TCU Speech & Debate Wins First Place at Texas Shuffle Swing Tournament

TCU Speech & Debate Team with their Trophies at the 2023 Texas Shuffle Swing Tournament.

TCU Speech and Debate is back on the road and doing better than ever. Early this spring, TCU Speech and Debate won first place combined speech/debate sweepstakes at the Texas Shuffle Swing Tournament at San Antonio College. The combined sweepstakes is awarded to the top team at the tournament, competing in debate and public speaking events. This win marks the first tournament championship win since 2020. Before the pandemic, TCU Speech and Debate consistently placed in the top three combined teams at tournaments.

Over two days, TCU Speech and Debate competed in individual, paired and team events, including parliamentary debate, extemporaneous speaking, impromptu speaking, informative, persuasion, dramatic interpretation and oral interpretation. In addition, TCU Speech and Debate students honed their skills as they competed against other Texas teams in preparation for their final regular season tournament in Tulsa and their national event in West Chester, Pennsylvania

TCU Speech and Debate returned to in-person competition this year—with an all-novice team, including students across the university. Headed by Amorette Hinderaker, Ph.D., the team competes throughout the year in public address, oral interpretation, limited preparation speaking, parliamentary debate and public debate.

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See the complete list of awards and winners at the 2023 Texas Swing Shuffle Tournament below:

Team Awards: 

Combined Speech & Debate Sweepstakes – TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS, FIRST PLACE

Individual Events for both halves of the swing – SECOND PLACE

Debate Sweepstakes – SECOND PLACE

Individual Speaker Sweepstakes (top honor for a single speaker at the tournament):


Parliamentary Debate: 

Jackson Kaiser & Cadence Jones – FIRST PLACE

Arianna LeBlanc & Ellie Griffin – SECOND PLACE

Chloe Matthews & Josue Cabrera – FOURTH PLACE

Anna Renner (maverick without a partner) – FIFTH PLACE

Debate Speaker Awards (given not for win/loss, but for speaker points):

Jackson Kaiser: FIRST PLACE

Ellie Griffin: SECOND PLACE

Cadence Jones: THIRD PLACE

Saturday Individual Awards: 

Extemporaneous Speaking:

Jackson Kaiser: SECOND PLACE

Impromptu Speaking:

Jackson Kaiser: THIRD PLACE

Arianna LeBlanc: FIFTH PLACE


Cadence Jones: SECOND PLACE


Jackson Kaiser: FIRST PLACE

Arianna LeBlanc: FOURTH PLACE

Dramatic Interpretation: 

Liv Goettel: FIFTH PLACE Saturday

Program Oral Interpretation:

Liv Goettel: SIXTH PLACE

Sunday Individual Awards: 


Jackson Kaiser: THIRD PLACE


Cadence Jones: THIRD PLACE

Dramatic Interpretation:

Liv Goettel: THIRD PLACE

Ellie Griffin: FIFTH PLACE

Program Oral Interpretation: 

Liv Goettel: FIFTH PLACE


Live Goettel: FIFTH PLACE