Things to Know About Communication Studies

Connor Roe

  • Graduating in May ’17
  • Communication Studies Major

Describe the typical communication studies student.

Communication Studies has definitely a more outgoing crowd and lots of involved students. We study the perfect mix of psychology, marketing, gender studies, and management. It gives you a broad knowledge base that works toward a ton of career paths.

What made you choose to be a communication studies major?

I didn’t enjoy my previous major as much as I expected and decided to take a couple communication courses to try it out. I knew quickly that I had found the perfect fit for me.

What surprised you about your major?

How broad of range I could apply it to. I loved that having communication studies as my major gave me time to specialize my career.

What do you think everyone should know before enrolling as a communication studies?

Rate My Professor (the website) never lies and I promise you will survive Communication Theory (the class).