Real-World Experience Begins in the Classroom: Nicole Adams

Nicole Adams

  • Majors: Communication Studies and Strategic Communication
  • Class: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Nicole Adams loves being a student in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. In particular, she loves the many opportunities she has to explore her career interests in a supported way. Through her communication studies major, Adams was in an internship class with Dr. Johny Garner where she learned about the professional working environment. In addition to learning about resolving problems in the workforce and working with supervisors, this class required students to have an internship.

Adams chose to work for Fort Worth’s 360 West Magazine, which produces five different local magazines in at least two different zip code areas. She worked in a smaller office with professionals who have many different experiences in the field of communication. One of her favorite tasks was helping to organize and work a bridal event. She noted that it was extremely interesting to watch an event go from the planning stages to the full production.

“I have really enjoyed having the internship and class combination,” Adams said. “It is incredible to learn from an experienced professor who can help me apply what I’m learning into practical situations.”

Adams is looking forward to her other classes and real-world experiences so that she can compare different aspects of the fields she is interested in. She loved taking her Internship class because she now believes she is more prepared for success after college.