Jessie MacMath: Learning Here and Abroad

Major: Communication Studies
Class: Senior
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Career Goal: Wedding Planner

Jessie MacMath is a communication studies major now, but that wasn’t always the case. “Communication studies was actually my fourth major,” MacMath said. “I had no clue what I wanted to do in a career. My sophomore year, I found my calling in event planning. I looked up the best majors for this profession and communication studies was at the top. I switched to the major and fell in love with it.”

The Communication Studies department offers resources that extend far beyond the classroom. “I have met the best professors I’ve ever had in my life in this department,” MacMath said. “Many of my professors have become not only mentors, but also friends.”

MacMath believes that professors in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication are eager to help students both learn and achieve their potential.

“Some of my professors have written letters of recommendation for my internships and have helped me a lot throughout these past few years,” MacMath said. “Every professor I’ve had in the department has been incredible. They have truly made my experience as a communication studies major the great experience that it has been. Each one has not only been helpful and kind but also knew how to make classes interesting.”

“My best experience in the department happened during the summer going into my senior year,” MacMath said. “I took part in the London Study Abroad Program. This included a two-week class, one week in London one in Scotland. You could then apply for a five-week internship following the course, which I did. This was not only my best experience in communication studies, but one of the best experiences of my life,” MacMath said. “Being able to work in a different country and travel through Europe for seven weeks was an unbelievable opportunity. I was so lucky to get the chance to be a part of it.”