Five Questions with Brittany Bunzey

Class: Senior
Majors: Communication Studies; Writing
Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

  1. Why did you choose to major in communication studies?
    I chose to major in communication studies because learning why people communicate the way they do really fascinates me. It paired really well with my writing major because it helped me create more realistic characters whose communication was more accurate to who they are. It also has a little bit of sociology and psychology in it, so it gave me a chance to study topics that were really interesting to me.
  2. What skills have you already learned through your communication studies classes?
    I took Dr. Paul King’s Listening class and we talked about how to listen effectively in different scenarios, whether it be while watching a play or listening to someone in a crisis situation. It helped us learn how to convey empathy as we listened to each other. We also talked about how memory and the brain works, so I’ve learned different memory devices and how to understand my own thinking through my classes.
  3. What is one class that you recommend to everyone in communication studies?
    I highly recommend Dr. Paul Witt’s Communication and Character. Not only do you get a wonderful professor who cares deeply about each one of his students, but you also get to learn applicable skills to express different character traits and how to cultivate them within yourself. This course is priceless, enjoyable and so fun!
  4. What class created your perception of communication studies?
    I think Nonverbal Communication with Dr. Debi Iba really established my perception of the major. We talked about how rooms communicate different ideals and values to us (something I’ve since circled back to in my study of rhetoric in the writing program), and the class broadened my horizon as to what precisely is considered communication and what is not.
  5. Where is your favorite place to study?
    I have a few spots on campus that I love. They revamped our bookstore, so I’m a big fan of studying in there. But I live really close to the King Family Commons and in the back of that building, facing the fraternity and sorority houses, there are these tall, tan chairs that are super comfy and I really love studying there. For me, it’s the perfect place to sit and get stuff done without feeling overly isolated. You can get up and stretch or grab some food, and it’s all within reach.