Communication Studies with Fellan McGuigan

A photo of TCU student Fellan McGuigan.

Year: Senior
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: London, England 

Each semester Fellan McGuigan flies 4,767 miles from London, England to Fort Worth in order to attend Texas Christian University. McGuigan is a communications studies major and a student-athlete on the track team. “Being a TCU student-athlete is fun for sure, especially with the high standards that come with being one,” he said. “For me it was a big difference to back home in London, since we don’t really have sports tied into our schools and universities. It’s a different feeling walking around school with other students and professors knowing you represent a school at a NCAA Division I level.”

At first McGuigan was unsure what he wanted to major in, but he ultimately decided to go with communication studies. “My reason for picking the communication studies major was because I wanted something that challenged me, as well as something that would be enjoyable and interesting,” he said. “My basic speech class my first year at TCU instantly piqued my interest in the subject and intrigued me enough to study it further.  At the time I also wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after school and ultimately thought communication studies was a good option since it was very broad and open, which could be used in nearly every discipline.”

McGuigan says being an international student is different for several reasons. “After my three and a half years being here, I still haven’t gotten used to people turning around and staring every time I introduce myself, my major and a fun fact about myself at the beginning of each class the first week of school,” he said.

McGuigan said being from England does have it its perks and it helps because TCU is very good with its resources and understanding the needs of international students. “At first, I suffered huge culture shock, as you can imagine walking down the stockyards after two days being in the country and seeing my first real cowboy,” he said. “It was different to say the least! But again with the help of TCU, friends and family, my adjustment has become very easy and I have never felt more at home!”

When McGuigan graduates he plans on pursing his master’s degree at TCU as a graduate assistant in the compliance office of TCU Athletics and ultimately wants to end up with a job that puts him on the path to becoming an athletic director.