Communication Studies Alumnus Tommy Nelson’s Career Takes Off

Tommy Nelson graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies in 2017. Since then he has been taking the workforce by storm.

During Nelson’s senior year he had a sales internship with a private jet company in Dallas. He quickly learned the ropes of the aviation industry and eventually decided this was something that he wanted to do on his own. In 2018 Nelson started Trilogy Aviation Group, his own private charter jet company.

“The Communication Studies department at TCU gave me the foundation for starting my own company and taught me how to build meaningful relationships with people which is everything in the private aviation world,” said Nelson.

Nelson is able to communicate on a mature level with the clients he serves. “The ability to be clear about expectations with customers, vendors and employees has made all the difference in the success of my business,” said Nelson.

Trilogy Aviation gained two full-time employees in its first year of business and continues to see expansion in the future. Nelson’s goal was to be able to create a company that provides jobs for hard-working and driven people who care about others.

While Nelson and his employees work very hard, they also have fun at the office. With a ping pong table for breaks, endless snacks and a dog to hang out with, they have the perfect balance of a work hard, play hard mentality.

“My communication studies degree has given me the skills and ability to successfully run a worldwide service business right from the heart of Fort Worth,” said Nelson.

Skills such as communicating in a business setting as well as communicating through different channels including social media, email, the Internet and phone calls has given Nelson the foundation to succeed.

Nelson is grateful to the Bob Schieffer College of Communication for giving him the confidence and skills to not only start Trilogy Aviation Group, but also to grow and succeed in the industry.