Class Of 2022: Get to Know Kate Peasley

Name: Kate Peasley
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Boone, Iowa

Kate Peasley has always enjoyed talking. “It sounds funny but from a young age I was very chatty, so when deciding on a major, communication studies seemed like the perfect fit,” Peasley said. She enjoys giving presentations and has benefited in learning to become a better speaker through the major.  

Peasley claims that a misconception of the major is that it only covers public speaking. “There is so much more to it than that and because that is the first thing people think of, they don’t try it out,” she said. 

The Iowa native has adjusted well despite being far from home. “I miss my family and the comforts of home, but life here is great and I wouldn’t trade going to school here for anything,” Peasley said. She chose Texas Christian University because she was looking for a mid-sized university in the South and now that she is here, she couldn’t picture herself anywhere else. 

Peasley is involved in Sigma Phi Lambda, a Christian sorority on campus, and also leads a Bible study through Doxology Bible Church. “I am a Bible study leader, so being able to articulate my thoughts well is vital. I have also carried over nonverbal communication skills and working on making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable,” she said. 

Over the summer, Peasley served as a communication intern at the corporate office of a local grocery store, Fareway Meat and Grocery. She currently works at the TCU Dee J. Kelly Alumni and Visitors Center. She feels that her major connects with her jobs. “The communication studies major has given me numerous skills including public speaking, writing, analyzing, and more knowledge about how communication works in our world,” she said. 

Nonverbal Communication has been Peasley’s favorite communication studies course. “It is interesting to me as the content applies to daily life and I find myself noticing people’s nonverbal cues more often,” she said. 

Peasley has made many memories at TCU, but her favorite is when she bought her first pair of cowboy boots and attended her first football game. “It was quite an enjoyable time and the atmosphere was unbeatable,” she said. “I also loved crushing Iowa State in both football and basketball last year.” 

When she isn’t on campus, you can find her at her go-to dessert spots in Fort Worth including Steel City Pops, Melt Ice Creams and Amorino Gelato. 

Peasley has grown throughout her college experience and has advice for incoming students. She acknowledges that the first year of college can be a challenging adjustment, but there is room for growth and things get easier. She has learned that sometimes working hard won’t always get you the win. “Be content with the result of you doing your best work and rejoice in the victory,” she said. 

Peasley isn’t 100 percent certain what she wants to do with the rest of her life, but she looks forward to applying her communication studies skills post-graduation. “I would love to work in the communication department for a professional baseball team or an advertisement agency,” she said. 

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