Class of 2019: Meet Jessie MacMath

Name: Jessie MacMath
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Austin, Texas

Jessie MacMath 19 was a communication studies major in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. She came to Texas Christian University not only for the amazing school she believed it to be but also was on the TCU swim team as a first-year and sophomore.   

Sophomore year MacMath figured out the career path she wanted to explore and that event planning was her dream job. She started TCU as a psychology major, but after speaking with some of the TCU advisors, she found that communication studies was the best fit for pursuing her dream. Once she switched, she fell in love with her new major. She even had the opportunity to do a summer internship in London with fellow TCU students.  

When MacMath wasn’t hanging out with friends or eating sub sandwiches, you could find her in the library. “This was my absolute favorite spot to study because I was always motivated to get my work done with everyone engaged around me. Another plus is Jimmy John’s would actually deliver right to you in the library,” she said. “Jimmy John’s was my absolute favorite if you can’t tell.”  

When asked what advice she would give herself as a first-year student, MacMath said she would have not taken as many early morning classes, because she loves her beauty sleep. She also talked about how important getting to know your professor really is, and how much it has helped her.  

“Every professor I have had in the Communication Studies department has been incredible,” said MacMath. “They have truly made my experience as a communication studies major so special and unforgettable. Each one has not only been helpful and kind, but they have taught very influential classes.”  

MacMath said that through her experience at TCU, she had remarkable opportunities and created lifelong relationships along the way. “Cherish the time you have here because it goes by in a blink of an eye,” she said. “I can’t wait to start my next journey but can definitely thank TCU for helping me get there.” 

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