Class of 2019: And the Cowboys Select…

Name: Allie Christmann
Hometown: Southlake, Texas
Major: Communication Studies
Occupation: Dallas Cowboys Community Relations and Alumni Affairs

For Allie Christmann 19, it’s all about giving back. She has found a way to fuse her talent and her passion through a career rooted in causes bigger than herself.  

Christmann works for the Dallas Cowboys in community relations and alumni affairs. Her journey with the Cowboys began the summer after her first year at Texas Christian University. She interned year-round until her senior year when she was offered a parttime position with the promise of a full-time job upon graduation. She graduated in May 2019 with a major in communication studies and a minor in business.  

Christmann had the juggling act of balancing school and work down to a science. “TCU not only did a good job meeting me where I was at skillwise but also maximizing my potential,she said. “Even though I was in the workforce while I was in school, I was able to sharpen my skills. My classes never felt redundant. TCU’s curriculum challenges you to the point that you know you’ll be prepared for anything your career throws at you.” 

With the Dallas Cowboys, Christmann is part of Women Impact Now (WIN), an outreach group for women. Christmann is in charge of most of the internal communication regarding WIN at the Cowboys and credits TCU for preparing her to talk to people from all backgrounds and of all ages.  

Christmann is at least 5-10 years younger than most of her coworkers, but she doesn’t feel intimidated to contribute and voice her opinions. “When you realize they respect you and value your differing opinion, it helps,” she said. “TCU places value on being an ethical citizen in the global community, and that empowered me to feel valued no matter where I was.  

Christmann believed her time at TCU prepared her to work alongside people who have been with the organization for 20-30 years. “You’re bringing a new perspective to the table. Once you realize that, it’s easier to have those conversations with people who have been there longer,” she said. “Your opinion is still valuable even though you haven’t been in the workforce for long.” 

One of the projects Christmann manages with the Dallas Cowboys is “My Cause My Cleats.” Each year, NFL players pick a cause that’s important to them. The players represent the cause on their cleats and after wearing them in a game, donate their cleats to charities around the Dallas-Fort Worth area that would benefit from their cause. The cleats are then auctioned in order to raise money and awareness; Christmann helps research those charities.  

Christmann is also the liaison between the Dallas Cowboys and former players. She communicates player invitations and appearances. She helps schedule game attendance throughout the season and last year, she planned the 1991 Super Bowl reunion.  

“I like working with alumni because it shows generation football,” said Christmann. “You get to see where our team started in 1960 and how it’s progressed until now. Just hearing alumni stories and getting to know them personally now that they’re done playing is awesome. You get to know these guys and how football has been shaped over the years.”  

Christmann has even worked with notable TCU and Cowboys alumnus Bob Lilly. 

Although it may seem like a daunting task to have so much responsibility with the most valuable sports team franchise in the world in her early 20s, Christmann has proved she’s up to the task. Although she’s only one year out of college, she’s breaking barriers and giving back to the community that helped shape her.  

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