Choosing Communication Studies: Class of 2020

Name: Kendalyn Ferner
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Major: Communication Studies
Class: Junior 

Kendalyn Ferner’s eyes lit up as she recalled deciding to be a part of the Texas Christian University family. “TCU was not my first pick; in fact, TCU was not even on my radar when I was applying to colleges,” she said. “It was because of a trip I took with a friend to Fort Worth one day and we ended up spending the day at TCU. I unequivocally fell in love with the TCU culture. It felt as if I was at a big university, but with the small school feel. It was no question on where I should attend after that trip.” 

Originally declaring business as her major, Ferner later decided that having a communication studies degree would better prepare her for a future role in politics. “I realized that being a business major would require me to be proficient in math, and that is just not how my brain functions,” she said. “I chose communication studies as a major because every career path requires effective communication skills, particularly crisis management in politics, which is the direction I am taking after graduation.” 

Having her goals set for a career in politics, Ferner knew she would need a better understanding of different cultures and how to properly communicate in various settings. “I knew that having a minor in foreign relations would help me build a solid foundation to be proficient in my career,” she said.  

Ferner believes she has created relationships that she will have for years to come. “At first, I was nervous about leaving Georgia and coming to TCU, but it didn’t take too long for me to start forming amazing friendships,” she said. “My favorite memory at TCU was a group project that I had to work on last semester. The project challenged us in so many good ways, and it allowed my group to form a bond in which I feel we will have for many years. They’re a special group of women.” 

Advice that Ferner suggests to incoming first-year students is to not procrastinate. “For the love that is all holy, do not procrastinate,” she said. “Get yourself a planner of any kind. Write down your dates because you’re simply too busy, all in good ways, to keep up with it all.”  

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