All About Communication Studies With Haley Giddings


photo of Haley Giddings

Photo courtesy of Haley Giddings

Haley Giddings

  • Majors: Communication Studies and Graphic Design
  • Hometown: Laguna Niguel, California
  • Class: Senior

Why did you choose to major in communication studies?
Going through my first year at TCU, I had my eyes set on fashion merchandising. After realizing I did not want to go into the fashion industry, creating clothes and sketching, my academic advisor steered me in the direction of communication studies. I started to take the introduction classes and realized how interesting and complicated the use of communication was in our society. At that moment I declared communication studies as my major at TCU. After a few semesters, I added graphic design into my realm of classes. With the mixture of communication studies and graphic design classes, I believe I have a great combination to help with my communication skills and also have an outlet to use my creative side.

What has been your favorite class so far and why?
My favorite class thus far has been Intercultural Communication with Professor Gerald Appel. Not only is Professor Appel absolutely amazing, the intercultural class allowed me to expand my knowledge and understanding of communicating with different cultures. The class involved many insightful TED talks, group discussions and best of all, no exams.

Which professor has had the greatest impact on you?
One of my favorite professors in the Communication Studies department is Dr. Adam Richards. He is one of the most understanding and sympathetic teachers in the department. He went above and beyond to help me learn content that did not make any sense to me.

Any advice for first-year students?
My advice to a first-year student is to work hard and show your face. The more professors you get to know in your given major, the better. Just make sure you are leaving a positive impact!