Student Requirements

Students applying for internships for academic credit must be Communication Studies Majors or Minors who have completed at least 60 hours, including at least 15 hours of Communication Studies coursework, including COMM 30163 – Organizational Communication with a grade of “C” or better, prior to the term in which the Internship course will be offered.

Position Requirements

Position duties must:

  • Reflect Communication Studies knowledge and skills and provide opportunities for experiential learning.
  • Set in an organizational context (i.e., not working from home)
  • Be observed by a work supervisor.
  • Require a minimum of 10 hours of work per week.
  • Be operative during the academic term in which the Internship course will be taken.
  • Reflect new experiences. If internship credit is being applied a current work experience, an explanation of how the internship will require new responsibilities will be required.  You cannot receive internship credit for prior experiences.

The Director of the Internship course will only permit students to enroll who meet all of the preceding elements. Any cases that deviate from the above requirements must be approved by the Communication Studies Department Chair.

Students must provide the Director of the Internship course the following information via email:

  • Organization Name and Address
  • Supervisor Name and Contact Information (phone/email address)
  • Department Name
  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Job Duties
  • Hours Scheduled/Week

For more information, contact Dr. Johny Garner at