New! Changes Declaring a Comm Studies Major and BS Degree Requirements

Starting Fall 2016, students may declare a degree in Communication Studies at any time.  Required courses remain: COMM 10123 (Communicating Effectively), 20113 (Interpersonal), 20223 (Theory), and 30163 (Organizational). Additionally:

  • B.S. degree requires Statistics (specifically either MATH 10043 or INSC 20153).
  • Statistics (MATH 10043 or INSC 20153) is now a prerequisite to many upper division COMM classes. Click here for a list of COMM Courses and Prerequisites. Click here for a complete list of classes that do not require Statistics as a prerequisite. It may be helpful for you to complete some of these COMM courses while you working to complete the Statistics requirement for the Communication Studies B. S. major.

*All of the changes listed above apply ONLY to Communication Studies majors seeking a B.S. degree and declaring a major in Communication Studies after the Summer 2016.  If you have any questions about course prerequisites, enrollments, or degree requirements, please see your advisor or Dr. Melissa Schroeder, the Communication Studies Department Chair.