FTDM Major

FTDM majors combine various production courses with offerings in critical studies and industry studies to prepare them for success in the competitive and increasingly global media industries.


Students wishing to major in film, television and digital media must complete the following requirements for graduation.

University Requirements

  • A minimum of 120 semester hours is required to graduate from TCU. At least 42 semester hours must be earned at the 30000-level or above.
  • All TCU students must complete the Core Curriculum requirements as described elsewhere in the TCU catalog.

Department Requirements

Course Order

FTDM majors must complete four steps to graduate. It is strongly recommended that FTDM majors complete their required courses in this order:

  1. Take all three departmental requirements
  2. Take 21 hours of additional foundational courses
  3. Complete any combination of three additional FTDM production, industry or critical studies courses. Note: FTDM open electives may not be used to fulfill FTDM major requirements.
  4. Complete FTDM 40901 Senior Seminar in the last semester of the senior year.