Class of 2021: Behind the Scenes with Emma Bedard 

Name: Emma Bedard
Major: Film, Television and Digital Media 
Hometown: West Bridgewater, Massachusetts  

I asked Emma Bedard what her favorite movie was and why. Being the film, television and digital media (FTDM) major she is, I expected a typical response along the lines of “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Pulp Fiction” or even “Gone with the Wind,” if she appreciated the classics. Her response landed somewhere further outside the lines of the expected film-major-go-to-blockbuster-drama than I anticipated. Bedard doesn’t have a favorite movie. For her, having a favorite movie is too cliché. Her appreciation for film exceeds the acting and drama displayed on screen. It runs deeper, behind the scenes and in the production.    

In high school, Bedard had to take a few production classes before she saw sports post-production as a career rather than just a hobby. Back home, she would seldom leave the house without a camera in hand. “Whenever my family and I would go on vacation, I would always bring my camera along with me,” she said. 

Bedard was unsure how she would fit in at Texas Christian University due to the film, television and digital media major primarily being composed of male students and her wanting to enter the sports filmmaking and editing industry. However, in her tenacious character, she was not going to let that stop her from pursuing her calling and making her mark.  

Bedard was led to TCU when she realized that the FTDM major wasn’t one-dimensional. She found that going into the industry of sports filmmaking and editing could be a reality at TCU and she brought a quality of uniqueness to the table, echoing what the Bob Schieffer College of Communication and department of FTDM stand for.  

When Bedard isn’t in the classroom, you will most likely find her editing and producing video for TCU Athletics or creating graphics for the scoreboards in the campus stadiums and arenas. This allows her to develop practical, hands-on experience that she can take anywhere after graduation. She is more than a passionate FTDM major and sports fan, however. Being the adventurous person she is, she loves to try new things – especially activities that involves the outdoors. Her involvement on the Ultimate Frisbee Club helps her to stay active while meeting new people. 

Bedard says “without creativity, life would be boring.” TCU’s broad curriculum has allowed her to be creative in ways some may consider outside the paradigm of an FTDM major. Her experiences show that being creative isn’t just about performing on screen. For her, creativity in her major and her life starts behind the scenes.