Brought To You By Students Like You: Behind the Scenes of the TCU Innovates Podcast

Four men standing side by side in the KTCU studio.

President Pullin, Carson Arnold ’24, Jackson James ’25 and Jason Safran from filming episode three of TCU Innovates.

The TCU Innovates podcast invites listeners to peek behind-the-scenes of TCU with Chancellor Boschini and President Pullin. But it wouldn’t be possible without students like Carson Arnold ’24, Jackson James ’25 and George Kamar ’25 and KTCU.

Podcast producers Arnold, James and Kamar were picked by Geoff Craig, co-manager of KTCU, based on their tenure experience in the station. “We give them a space to record and maintain audio levels and pace during recording. After recording, we make edits to make it professional, add an open and a close, and transcribe it,” said James, a Film, Television and Digital Media major.

It was important to the Chancellor and President to work with KTCU and students at the station.

“When we thought about starting a podcast, we knew without question that we wanted our students to be involved with the project,” President Pullin said. “Working with students is always a win-win. We are inspired by their creative ideas, energy and perspectives, and our students get hands-on production experience that they can take with them into their future careers.”

While the students may have been nervous at the beginning, they quickly realized the unique experience they were getting to be part of.

“[Chancellor Boschini and President Pullin] are so wonderful. We were trying to record an outro because they wanted to give us credit,” James said “We said ‘just say our names,’ and he extended it like 10 seconds saying ‘It wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful help of…’ and we had to tell him, it was sweet but we need you to say this for the podcast.”

Building Culture One Voice At A Time

Two men sitting in a recording studio having a conversation.

Chancellor Boschini interviewing Coach Campbell for the first episode for TCU Innovates.

TCU Innovates focuses on highlighting stories of innovation and campus culture and bringing those conversations to the broader community.

“Our podcast will highlight campus members to share their stories and aspirations, and shine light on the innovation taking place across our community,” President Pullin said in his blog.

Innovation is part of the building blocks of TCU, and the podcast hopes to shed light on those who are creating and innovating culture here.

“As a student, it’s easy to overlook the hundreds of people that facilitate everyday life on campus,” Arnold, a Sports Broadcasting and Political Science double major,  said.  “I’ve come to gain a lot of perspective now, having heard from guests ranging from coaches and athletes to the people behind the marketing and branding of TCU, to the people responsible for managing the endowment. Every single person shares a love for the school and a desire to bring joy to the lives of each and every student and contribute to that common goal in their own way.”

Creating Conversation

“TCU Innovates would not be possible without the involvement of the talented students and staff at KTCU. The quality of their work is exceptional, and we love their ideas for guests and topics. The TCU community has so many incredible leaders, and our podcast enables us to share their stories with the broader community,” said Chancellor Boschini.

In episode four, Chancellor Boschini talks with Vanessa Roberts Bryan, and James said it “felt like sitting in on a conversation between friends.”

“She is such a beautiful character in the way she describes her job. I was in the room, listening and taking photos thinking ‘this is so intriguing,’ learning the behind-the-scenes of the Frogs First experience as a previous Frog Camp Facilitator,” he said.

Arnold has met and heard from guests who changed his perspective on TCU.

“Because I sit through the initial recording and do the editing, I end up listening to the episode three or four times; no matter the topic I always walk away knowing a little more,” Arnold said. “It was best for the most recent episode with Pullin and Josh Hoover; Josh was incredibly well-spoken and beyond kind to me prior to recording. I gained a lot of respect and faith in him as the leader of the TCU Football Team.”

You Are Listening to KTCU

Arnold and James talking with President Pullin and Jason Safran recording episode three.

Arnold and James have strong roots in KTCU, both going on two years with the station. As every student does, they got started as DJs, learning how to be on air and how to run the board, and then moved into roles where they host their own shows or produce others.

“Having firm roots already at KTCU has allowed me to dive deeper into the radio world and all the niche technical skills required to run a radio station,” Arnold said.

There are so many opportunities for students interested in media at KTCU. Both Arnold and James have worked on TCU Baseball broadcasts, hosting the pre- and postgame shows, and producing the live broadcast.

Arnold shared his advice to his fellow and incoming students.

“Take advantage of the opportunity and try it out while you can; just because radio isn’t as popular as it once was doesn’t mean it’s a less unique and cool experience,” he said.

James echoed his sentiment.

“if you are a Schieffer student or even just a student, I would say you have to come and see KTCU. Everything in KTCU has its purpose. The students don’t take their spots for granted.

“I can’t imagine college without it.”

Listen to TCU Innovates wherever you get your podcasts.