Chapter Three

Bob as a Peer

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Surrounded by the Greatest of All Time

Bob never felt he had to hate his competitors, and in fact, some of his best friends were the journalists he competed hardest against.

He and NBC's Tom Brokaw were fierce competitors when they covered the Ford and Carter presidential administrations, but they have been close friends for four decades.

Bob and NBC's Tim Russert were competitors when Russert hosted Meet the Press opposite Face the Nation on Sundays, but they had side-by-side seats at Washington Nationals baseball games. "Maybe it goes back to my baseball playing days, but you didn’t hate the good players. You respected them," he said. "Russert and I went head to head every Sunday, but he was one of the best, and when I scooped him I felt extra good about it. It was like hitting a home run off the best pitcher in the league."

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His Peers On His Character


Walter Cronkite, Bob Schieffer, Eric Sevareid and President Ford, April 21, 1975

Admired by Many, Matched by Few

Bob Schieffer’s 58-year career in journalism is considered to be one of the most impressive journalism careers to date. He covered every Democratic and Republican National Convention since 1972, interviewed every president since Richard Nixon, moderated three presidential debates, and was one of the few reporters assigned to cover all four major Washington beats.

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