Chapter One

Bob as a Husband & Father

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"I met a beautiful girl..."

Bob married Patricia Penrose, also a product of Fort Worth and TCU, in April 1967. They arrived in Washington in 1969, as demonstrations against the Vietnam War were growing more widespread and increasingly violent. The Schieffers quickly settled into a routine: Bob was on the streets, covering the demonstrations and almost never at home, while Pat organized their new home and prepared for the birth of their first child.

On May 20, their daughter Susan arrived. Bob had been working late and arrived home just in time to take Pat to the hospital. (She had been preparing to take a cab.) Two years later, Susan was joined by a sister, Sharon. As Bob continued to climb the ladder at CBS News, Pat founded and operated what became one of Washington’s favorite toy stores.

Pat was an only child, so she became close friends with Bob's brother, Tom, former managing partner of the Texas Rangers baseball team and later Ambassador to Australia and Japan, and his sister, Sharon, an educator and longtime principal of Keller (Texas) High School.

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Bob on Their Relationship


Bob and Patricia at the Brownstable Gala

A Wonderful Father to Grow Up With

On April 15, 2016, Bob and Pat celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their daughters Susan and Sharon and their husbands, and their three granddaughters, Susan’s identical twin girls Lucy and Martha, and Annabelle, Sharon’s daughter.

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