Chapter Two

Bob as a Mentor

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An Inspirational Role Model to Others

Bob never forgot his most important mentor, Phil Record, who was his first editor at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Bob mentored dozens of young reporters over the years at CBS News. Mary Hager worked with Bob for more than 25 years, beginning as his assistant on Capitol Hill, then working as a field producer and ultimately becoming executive producer at Face the Nation, which is one of the most important posts at CBS News. Kaylee Hartung worked five years as Bob’s assistant, then went on to be an ESPN sports reporter and a CNN news correspondent. Kylie Atwood, another of Bob’s assistants, now covers the State Department for CBS News, and Bob’s most recent assistant, Lucy Boyd, now works in the investigative unit for the CBS program, 60 Minutes.

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Did You Know

The TCU Bob Schieffer College of Communication, named for Bob in 2013, is home to some 1,200 students.

Over Load by Bob Schieffer
Bob Fact!

Bob has written five books: Overload, American, This Just In, Face the Nation, and The Acting President.

Bob with TCU Journalism Students, Fall 2013
Bob Meets with TCU Students, Winter 2014

Touching the Lives of Students