What Should I Take? – Tyler Germaine

Photo by Katie Kassler

Senior from Fort Worth, Texas

What is your favorite class that you’ve taken within your major?

“Film Analytics of Indie Cinema with Dr. Tait because it attempts to answer the question, ‘what is indie cinema?’ By the end of the class, you understand that there’s no one way to answer that question. It broadened my view on film as an art form.”

What is one class that everyone in your major should take before they graduate?

“Basic Video Production with Professor Haskett because it actually teaches you the full experience of making any kind of film. You learn the basics of writing from writing a script and pre-production, to shooting and production, to the editing in post. It gives you great hands-on experience and helps you understand how much work goes into making a film.”

What is one class that changed your perception on film?

“Film Analytics of Indie Cinema with Dr. Tait because that class showed a different side of film other than just typical Hollywood films. I got to study and learn about films that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.”