Recent FTDM Faculty Publications

Dr. Dustin Hahn published a new piece with R. G. Cummings titled, “The impact of domain-specific interest on exemplification effects in sports media,” that appeared in the Psychology of Popular Media.

Hahn’s research article, titled “The Effect of Statistics on Enjoyment and Perceived Credibility in Sports Media,” was published in the journal Communication & Sport.



A headshot of Kylo-Patrick Hart, department chair and professor of film, television and digital media at TCU.Dr. Kylo-Patrick Hart published three articles on early film, film stars and New Queer Cinema:

“My Triple Teen Apocalypse: Cinematic Metaphor, Gregg Araki’s Teen-Apocalypse Trilogy, and the Utopian Imagination” was published in Refractory: A Journal of Entertainment Media.

“Promoting and Containing New Womanhood in the Pages of Photoplay: The Case of ‘Little Mary’ Pickford and Her Mediated Alter Egos on the Cusp of the Roaring Twenties” was published in the academic journal Cultural Intertexts.

“After the Glitter Fades: Analyzing Ingmar Bergman’s Cinematic Representation of Circus Life” was published in The Big Top on the Big Screen: Explorations of the Circus in Film, edited by Teresa Cutler-Broyles.


A headshot of TCU professor Tricia Jenkins.Dr. Tricia Jenkins‘ article, “Battling for the Future of Space: NASA, Space Force, The Avengers and Captain Marvel,” appeared in the Journal of American Culture.




A headshot of TCU associate professor Kimberly Owczarski.Dr. Kim Owczarski‘s research article, “‘A Guaranteed Seat:’ Fandango and Changing Business Practices in Movie Exhibition,” appeared in the Quarterly Review of Film and Video.