Recent FTDM Faculty Publications

Dr. Dustin Hahn published a new piece with R. G. Cummings titled, “The impact of domain-specific interest on exemplification effects in sports media,” that appeared in the Psychology of Popular Media.




A headshot of Kylo-Patrick Hart, department chair and professor of film, television and digital media at TCU.Dr. Kylo-Patrick Hart published three articles on early film, film stars and New Queer Cinema:

“My Triple Teen Apocalypse: Cinematic Metaphor, Gregg Araki’s Teen-Apocalypse Trilogy, and the Utopian Imagination” was published in Refractory: A Journal of Entertainment Media.

“Promoting and Containing New Womanhood in the Pages of Photoplay: The Case of ‘Little Mary’ Pickford and Her Mediated Alter Egos on the Cusp of the Roaring Twenties” was published in the academic journal Cultural Intertexts.

“After the Glitter Fades: Analyzing Ingmar Bergman’s Cinematic Representation of Circus Life” was published in The Big Top on the Big Screen: Explorations of the Circus in Film, edited by Teresa Cutler-Broyles.


A headshot of TCU professor Tricia Jenkins.Dr. Tricia Jenkins‘ article, “Battling for the Future of Space: NASA, Space Force, The Avengers and Captain Marvel,” appeared in the Journal of American Culture.




A headshot of TCU associate professor Kimberly Owczarski.Dr. Kim Owczarski‘s research article, “‘A Guaranteed Seat:’ Fandango and Changing Business Practices in Movie Exhibition,” appeared in the Quarterly Review of Film and Video.