FTDM to Host Analyzing the 1950s Conference on November 15

The Analyzing the 1950s: Media, Politics, Culture Conference will take place at TCU on Saturday, November 15, 2014.

This daylong academic event promises to provide an intellectually stimulating investigation into the complex phenomenon that was “The Fifties.”

Jean Stuntz of West Texas A&M University will deliver the conference keynote address — titled “I Love Lucy But Father Knows Best: Patriarchy and Prescription in 1950s Television” — and more than two dozen additional research presentations are scheduled to occur.

The range of intriguing presentation titles (far too many to list here!) includes “Beyond Star Studies: Van Heflin and Glenn Ford in the 1950s”; “Cadets, Rangers, and Junior Space Men: Growing Up American in the ’50s”; “Delinquent Dads, Scrappy Sons, and ‘The Desperate Hours’: The American Boy and the Fifties Fallen Father Figure”; “Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Power of Privilege”; “Macho Posturing and Latent Lesbianism: Defying Genre and Gender Expectations in the Atypical Western ‘Johnny Guitar’”; “Minimizing Jewishness in Media and Film: Anne Frank, 1958-1959”; and “Winning Female Hearts and Minds: Culture, Consumption, and Femininity at the American National Exhibition in Moscow, 1959,” among many others.

Any member of the TCU community who is interested in attending the conference should contact conference organizer Kylo-Patrick Hart (k.hart@tcu.edu).