FTDM Professor Kylo-Patrick Hart Guest Edits "The Communication Review"

“Alternative Visions in Media,” a special issue of the academic journal The Communication Review guest edited by FTDM professor Kylo-Patrick Hart, has been published by Routledge. Its topics include class-inflected masculinities gcrv20.v017.i03.coverin FX crime dramas, eating disorders as humorous entertainment, otherness in the video game Assassin’s Creed III, and female submission in feminist kink porn. The articles in this special issue grew out of the Alternative Visions in Media Conference, a weekend-long exploration and celebration of media offerings of the avant-garde, camp, cult, experimental, exploitation, extreme, independent, kitsch, pulp, schlock, and trash varieties that took place at TCU in November 2013. Their authors are conference participants Jeroen Dera, Emily Newman, Elena Popan, Marco Rodriguez, Sarah Stevens, R. Colin Tait, and Michael Wayne.