FTDM Professor Kylo-Patrick Hart Explores Age-Different Relationships in Film

QueerYouth FTDM professor Kylo-Patrick Hart’s chapter “Looking at Complicated Desires: Gay Male Youth and Cinematic Representations of Age-Different Relationships” has been published in Queer Youth and Media Cultures, edited by Christopher Pullen. In it, Professor Hart examines a handful of noteworthy films representing the complicated desires that surface when gay male youths find themselves in age-different relationships, defined as romantic and/or sexual relationships in which one member is younger than the established legal age of consent. In doing so, he foregrounds the significance of meaningful acts of looking — whether they occur among characters within the story world or by spectators in relation to the on-screen actions as they unfold — to the messages about age-different relationships that audience members derive from their viewing experiences of such films as For a Lost Soldier (1992, Roeland Kerbosch), Eban and Charley (2000, James Bolton), and Absent (2011, Marco Berger).