Class of 2020: Tim Daly

A headshot of Tim Daly, TCU Class of 2020.Hometown: San Diego, California

My degree: Sports Broadcasting with a minor in Journalism

My favorite class or professor in the Schieffer College: My favorite classes would be all the levels of Sports Production. Being able to work directly on a Fox Sports or ESPN broadcast as a student in college was an opportunity that I could not have gotten in many places. 

What I’m doing post-graduation: I will be working with high school students through the National Student Leadership Program this summer and plan on starting a career in play-by-play after that.

What I’ll miss most about TCU: What I will miss most about TCU is the support system that came from all my professors and peers on a daily basis. It was a constant push to be a better version of myself which I think helped me grow immensely in my time at TCU.

One of my favorite TCU memories: The highlight of my TCU experience was getting to call games on the radio broadcast for both TCU Baseball and TCU Women’s Basketball which were both ranked in the top 25 nationally at the time.