Alumnus Spotlight: Lance Montgomery

photo of Lance Montgomery '17

Lance Montgomery ’17 has launched his own media company after graduating from TCU.

We caught up with Lance Montgomery, a 2017 alumnus who earned his degree in Film, Television and Digital Media. Since graduation, Lance has launched his own media company called Lanjo Film.

Why did you choose to attend TCU?
I chose TCU specifically for the FTDM program. Coming out of high school, I had interest in pursuing a career in live TV production, either news or sports. Though within weeks of being on campus (e.g., learning about the Student Filmmakers Association) and starting coursework (e.g., History of Film), I discovered my passion for the art of film.

Did you have a special mentor at TCU?
I gained invaluable insight from nearly all of my film professors. Among them, I would say Professor Richard Allen particularly went out of his way to help me improve as a writer. I often went to his office to get feedback on scripts or drafts of a film. He was always candid and constructive, identifying problems in the work, but most importantly, providing solutions.

Do you have any advice for current film students?
As a former president of the TCU Student Filmmakers Association, I strongly encourage every FTDM student to join the organization, even for only a semester and regardless of interest in production. For me, SFA was the most important, influential and informative part of being at TCU. Even today, I rely on skills and hands-on experience that I learned while in the organization, working with peers, writing and pitching scripts, casting, directing a crew, fundraising, holding meetings, organizing a premiere, etc.

What have you been up to since graduating from TCU?

After graduation, I moved back home to Arkansas and spent a little over a year working at a news station. In my free time, I collaborated on a number of projects with one of my friends (who makes music and acts). We basically worked nonstop, creating content from March of last year to December, at which point I moved to Los Angeles to pursue greater ambitions in the film industry.¬†One of those ambitions is building up my brand, Lanjo Film, into an actual media company. I’ve primarily found interest working on short visuals, like thought pieces on different subjects, such as one called TIME. And of course, having a few friends who make music, I have plans to release some music videos in the near future. Though being a filmmaker, I certainly would like to focus on creating short films or long-form series going forward.