Alumni Spotlight: Glenton Richards ’06

A headshot of TCU alumnus Glenton Richards.


Glenton Richards, TCU Class of 2006, graduated with a degree in radio, television and film (now known as film, television and digital media). Richards, who lives in Los Angeles, elaborates on what he has been up to since graduation.

Why did you choose to attend TCU?

I lived in the DFW area and was looking for a school that wasn’t too far from home but one that I felt had a prestigious undergraduate program. I was accepted to TCU and SMU around the same time and decided to visit both schools. I visited SMU first, but when I visited TCU, I felt right at home. The school felt incredibly warm and friendly (not to mention the campus itself was beautiful). Before my visit was over, I knew I wanted to attend there.

Did you have a special mentor at TCU?

I didn’t have a mentor per se at TCU (and if I could change one thing about my time there that might be it). That said, I did get some pretty great advice from one of my professors (Professor Richard Allen) regarding my minor. When I was torn between two minors, he sat down with me and after hearing about the things I was interested in he advised me on the best minor to pursue¬†(English). That advice has definitely helped me now as a writer in my professional life!

Do you have any advice for current FTDM majors?

I would say to find something you love and pursue it. This field isn’t an easy one and even if you love the career you pick, there will be lots of days it will be challenging. But if you pursue something you’re really passionate about, those days where work is a grind will still feel rewarding. The last thing you want to do is pursue a career just for money or potential fame. If you’re not at least somewhat passionate about your career, you’re never going to feel truly fulfilled.

Second, I will say don’t expect to learn everything about your industry in college. You will graduate college knowing a lot, but by no means will it be everything you need to know. After college, continue learning and working on honing your craft. That extra is what separates the good from the great.

What are you working on professionally these days?

I’m currently a staff writer on the Amazon Prime TV series, The Expanse. In addition to that, I’m developing my own TV pilot which I hope to sell at some point this year.

How have you stayed involved with your alma mater?

A photo of TCU alumnus standing beside Chancellor Victor Boschini.After moving to Los Angeles, I joined the TCU LA alumni chapter as a board member and soon became president and served in that capacity for a few years. After that, I served on the National Alumni Board, then Chancellor’s Advisory Council, and most recently, I began serving on TCU’s Board of Trustees which has been both a humbling and rewarding experience.

Why do you give back to the Schieffer College and TCU?

I give back because I remember where I was as a student just a few years ago! College isn’t easy and it’s nice to have people that have been there before that are able to point you in the right direction when you need it. And from a financial perspective, giving back to TCU allows more students to get financial aid, which means more Horned Frogs being able to attend a great university without the massive burden of student loans later on.