We’re proud that teaching communication at TCU began long before the Bob Schieffer College of Communication was named in 2013. In fact, we’re rooted in 1873, when founders Addison and Randolph Clark recruited their younger brother to teach public speaking.

We have always insisted our students develop communication skills grounded in theory, such as the Greek oratorical philosophy that was assigned reading for 1873’s students.

Along the way, we’ve adapted how we teach communication, influenced by our physical space and the technologies we’ve acquired. Our landmark building, intended to symbolize modern communication, continues to convey an environment’s influence on messages and media. We no longer develop rolls of news photos in darkrooms or shoot documentaries on videotape, but even as we use a digital newsroom or a social media analytics program, we continue teaching students to become ethical communicators who tell the truth and respect audiences.

That will never change.