Student Interns for Your Business

Thank you for your interest in helping TCU students gain valuable skills and experience through an internship at your organization.

Strategic Communication students brainstorm on a new client presentation for Roxo, our in-house agency.

If one of our students is seeking academic credit for an internship (whether paid or unpaid), we require that the student complete a few requirements in addition to the work they do on the job.

We also ask that employers/supervisors of our credit-seeking interns participate in our internship program by providing the student on-the-job support and supervision and providing us with information about the student’s work.

  • Employers/Supervisors of students in for-credit internships (paid or unpaid) will sign an agreement with the TCU School of Strategic Communication, agreeing to fulfill the requirements below so that the student can have a beneficial learning experience and obtain academic credit.
  • Employers/Supervisors will assign a specific staff member (or members) to direct the student’s internship and to prepare evaluations of the student’s performance.
  • Employers/Supervisors will provide facilities, supplies, space and support, within its capabilities, necessary to the student’s effective performance.
  • Employers/Supervisors will provide at least 75 hours of work responsibilities relevant to the professional and intellectual development of the student in his/her field for each hour of credit the student intends to earn, up to 3 hours a semester.
  • Communicate with the Department’s internship director about any concerns related to the internship or the intern’s performance during the term.

A PDF or MS Word copy of the Internship Agreement Form and Intern Evaluation Form can be downloaded via the links below.

If you have any questions about the Department of Strategic Communication internships, please contact:

Broc Sears
Internship Director
Department of Strategic Communication
TCU Box 298065
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX 76129
Office: 817.257.5052
School: 817.257.6156
Fax: 817.257.7322

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