Sarah Breuner

Sarah Breuner. Journalism Major. Grad ‘16

  • Hometown: Portland, Oregon
  • Current Location: Richmond, Virginia
  • Current Employer: WRIC

“I’m a news producer at WRIC, the ABC affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. I produce one or two shows a day. I decide what stories are in my show, in what order they should go, and I write most of them. During the show, I am in the control booth keeping track of timing, giving cues to the talent, and rolling the teleprompter. It’s extremely fast-paced work, but I find it very fulfilling to inform our viewers about their community and the world around them.

Advice for students: Don’t be afraid to ask for help, for experience, for advice, you name it. The worst thing someone can say is “No.” Take advantage of any opportunity to learn, even if it appears to be out of your comfort zone. My current job is far from what I thought I would be doing when I entered college and even further from home. Because of that, I have grown and learned a great deal in the few months since my graduation.”