Internship Spotlight in Comm Studies

Internship Spotlight: Sarah Hauke, Communication Studies

Tell us about Sarah…
My name is Sarah Hauke. I am a senior Communication Studies major. I am from Brea, California and my fun fact is that I’ve worked in a jail!

What is one of the internships you’ve had? What was your title?
This past summer I worked for CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates in Dallas. I was the special events intern.

What was your typical day like?
My day-to-day role would consist of attending a lot of meetings and contacting sponsors. I would call various sponsors to attempt to get free items for Parade of Playhouse, which was the current event we were running. I was constantly contacting various volunteer organizations to help run the events.

What was your most favorite thing about your internship?
We raised over $20,000 over the span of the summer. I was so proud to be part of that.